I was going through my photos on this computer and I found all my old photos from various photography courses I took fff. So many self portraits. (Both my Professors from like two different courses told me to mainly focus on that because they liked what I did ffff). Though, they were quite fun to do. I kinda miss having a backyard where it was super private. I can’t quite do those that often anymore cause of all the odd ducks that wander about my neighborhood :x 

I also have a ridiculous amount of glamour shots of my cats. I am not even kidding. I’ll have to put some of them up for ya’ll to see because ffff. 

This whole time I’ve been like, “Hahah, suckas, I have no friends so nobody’s going to nominate me!” Now I’m scared.

LOL you best be walking on egg shells, Taylor. Oh gosh I didn’t even THINK I would get tagged. But now you’ll all get to hear me scream. xD